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To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of The Edge AND the "Beyonce's Country" line dance making #1 on world wide charts, we are having a showcase Saturday night, March 9th, at The Edge!


Join our Beyonce-inspired dance-off videoshoot & contest featuring line and partner dancing to her latest release, "Texas Hold 'Em."


Solo dancers, groups, and teams of all levels are welcome!


"Beyonce's Country" DANCE VIDEO:

- All you gotta do is join us on the dance floor! Featured line dance is "Beyonce's Country" by Adia Dance, Tara Bianco, & Kenzie Keister (this dance will be taught 2x at The Edge, see schedule)



"Beyonce’s Country Showcase CONTEST":

-Enter by March 5, 2024, for a spotlight feature during the dance video shoot. Details below.




Beyonce's Country Showcase VideoShoot and Contest Official Entry Form

“Come take it to the floor” like Beyonce said and join our epic dance-off showcase videoshoot and contest featuring line and partner dancing of all styles to Beyonce’s hot, new release: Texas Hold ‘Em.


Solo Performers, Groups, and Teams (any size and experience level) are all invited to this “real-life hoe-down” where we will feature your dancing front and center for a portion of the song during the showcase and in the video release.

You may participate in the open floor dancing without submitting this form. However, if you would like to have a brief, feature performance during the videoshoot and be eligible for the voting contest after the video release, then you MUST FILL OUT and SUBMIT this completed entry form.


The Contest is only open to event ticket holders. Tickets include day passes, weekend passes, spectator passes, and social dancing passes. Tickets can be purchased here. The type of ticket does not increase your chances of winning or affect the order of placement for filming or affect the order of placement with editing for release.


Performance pieces must be within 15 - 30sec duration to be eligible for inclusion in the video release contest. The suggested dance to showcase is “Beyonce’s Country;” however, the performance piece can be freestyle or another choreographed dance.


An individual may participate in more than one performance piece; however, votes are only counted for the performance piece that receives the vote. To be eligible for voting, you must have your own completed entry form. For example, if you are performing with a group and also want to perform solo, then you will need to be listed on the group submission form as well as submit a separate entry form for your individual performance. Furthermore, only 1 entry form is needed for group and team performances. Duplicate and multiple entry forms will not increase the chances for winning. For Example, if you plan to perform a showcase piece with 10 dancers, then only one submission form is needed which will list all dancer names in the group. Attire and Theme: Texas Hold ‘Em (and Song Lyrics)

All performers are highly encouraged to dress in theme for the Videoshoot. Suggestions include red, black, hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades, royalty, poker/Texas Hold 'Em, etc. Beyonce Style would be another suggested theme.  Attire with profanity or excessive nudity will not be included in the videoshoot and therefore will not be eligible for the contest.


If in doubt, please bring additional clothing option. If you have additional questions related to the event, dance, videoshoot, contest, etc., then please email


See you at The Edge!

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