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Our Mission

The world of LINE DANCING spans so much farther than local country bars! The Edge: An Innovative Approach to Line and Partner Dancing brings variety, cutting edge choreography, and dynamic partner dancing skills, tricks, and techniques to the social dance scene.

We are invested in creating an environment for individuals to express themselves through all different line dance genres as well as learn to lead and follow efficiently with partner dancing. 

We are confident that you will be revitalized and excited to bring new ideas to your clubs and bars!

Event Founders

Byran Roberson

Adia Nuño

Byran Roberson (aka Country Sole) started country dancing in 2015 with one goal in mind: have fun!  Dancing turned into a passion that inspired others to learn, so he began teaching his friends on the weekends. This was really what started Country Sole. During his time in the country dancing scene, he has learned over 200 line dances, taught at small private events to multi-day festivals like (Country Thunder (AZ), Stagecoach (CA), Country Fest (ND), and helped hundreds learn to partner dance, and most importantly

Adia Nuño discovered line dancing in 2017 and fell head over boots in love with the dance community and form of expression. After attending her first official Line Dance convention in 2018, she just knew she needed to share the variety of styles with her own line dance community and began teaching workshops to bridge the gap between "bar" dancing and "circuit" dancing.

Adia brings a unique sass and vivacity to her dancing and choreography and

gave folks the confidence to get out on the dance floor!  

Byran has dabbled in choreography, getting one dance (Cold Beer) to #2 on Copperknob's top 100 list. He loves dancing in Southern California at most any dance hall he's around and has also danced at some cool spots around the US (CO, TX, AZ).

has recently won First Place at a couple USLDCC events as well as the Vegas Dance Explosion. She has served as a dancer on the Stagecoach Honky Tonk Dance team for 2 years.  In addition to creating line dance music videos (simply “for the love of dance”), Adia heads up “All Out Dance w/ Adia”, an on/offline community of dancers connected by their love of the sport. 

Visit her website for more information and dance opportunities!

the swing.png

Byran and Adia at Stagecoach Dance Festival 2019 dancing Country Swing.


On set for the Nothing But You Line Dance
Music Video



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