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May 1st Event Details

Check out these details that can help you to make the most of your time at The Edge

Support A Good Cause


At The Edge we are proud to have some exciting Giveaways and Raffles! But more than that, we are excited to be donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity organization called Line Dance Foundation. "Its purpose is to support those involved in Line dance who find themselves in difficult circumstances through illness, accident or other distressing circumstances affecting their ability to  earn a living." (LDF) We all have felt the effects from COVID-19 and instructors around the world have been affected greatly. We are excited to provide some relief to those who help enhance our lives with their gifts! 

Itemized List Coming Soon
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CASH and VENMO Accepted for Raffles

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Pre-Game Party at Stampede, Temecula

The Edge Crew will be at Stampede Temecula from 7:00-11:00pm for early check in.  Receive your entry wristband, pre-ordered meal tickets, reserved Edge merch (tshirt/tank/hat). Cover charge required to get into Stampede. 

28721 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590


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Plan Your Day at The Edge!

Check out the Master Schedule with everything you have to look forward to at The Edge! (no class reservations required) Make sure to attend the SHOWCASES where you will get a preview of what is being taught in each class! ARRIVE EARLY! Please arrive 60 min prior to when you intend to enjoy The Edge. Dance floor textures will be a variety of hardwood, sealed concrete, packed dirt.

Don't Miss a Thing!



Pre-Orders due by 4/28 8:00pm

 With over 250 people attending The Edge you'll want to skip the food lines and pre-order your lunch and dinner for The Edge so that you can enjoy the live music and relax while you gear up for more dancing!


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Be Entertained!

The Edge is excited to have lives artist performances by Fiddler Melissa Barrison, Daniel Bonte, Shotgun Jefferson, and The James Kelly Band.  We've also got a couple special performance by Blick Line Dance, Banded Future, and a special Showcase and BONUS lesson by Annemarie Dunn! Bring a lawn chair to put at the park! Please be kind and share the space. We are all a friendly country community!

Included in ticket!



Limited Availability

We've got new designs! Reserve your Tshirt, Women's Tank, and Hat! Very limited supply available. Merch will be picked up when you check in for event. Each Item is $25. Send an email to The Edge with SIZE and STYLE merch and we will let you know if we have it available!




Review What You've Learned and Get Coaching You Need at Bucked Up Saloon!

Review line dances learned from The Edge May 1st workshops and learn a NEW* Line Dance with Edge instructor Rick Dominguez. 

Additionally, partner dance instructors will be available to assist you in working out moves you have just learned and answer partner dance related questions.

Join us beginning at 7:00pm for open dancing!


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