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Instructors & DJ's

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Line Dance | Country  Swing | Two Step

Byran Roberson, CA 

Byran has learned over 200 line dances and teaches them weekly at local classes and bars.  He has taught at small private events to multi-day festivals: (Country Thunder (AZ), Stagecoach (CA), Country Fest (ND) Additionally, Byran has helped hundreds learn to partner dance Two Step and Country Swing, and most importantly gave folks the confidence to get out on the dance floor! 

 Line Dance | The Barn, CA

Aleigha Easton

Aleigha was born and raised in Ramona CA where her childhood and young adult life revolved around competing in rodeo. She learned to partner dance at the various rodeos she traveled to, and then got into to choreographed dance when she joined the dance productions team in high school, where she fell in love with hip hop dance and performing immediately.


She found her passion for line dancing at Incahoots in San Diego. After 6+ years of line dancing socially, she decided to cross over into teaching when a new bar started planning to open in her home town. She now serves as the entertainment director and dance instructor at The Barn, and teaches private lessons and parties on the side.


When not on the dance floor, you’ll find her running her salon in Ramona as well as working full time behind the chair, and riding dirt bikes on the weekends!

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Country Swing | Nomads Studio, AZ 

Country Nomads

We are a veteran owned and operated business and just like in the military we are very dedicated and meticulous. At Country Nomads have created a simple and easy format to learn Country Swing called The Nomad Method. The Fundamentals we teach are Frame, Connection, and Control (FCC). FCC will not only allow you to dance safely, efficiently, and effectively but you will look stylish and smooth.


With our progressive learning approach you will always be learning something new building on your skills from the ground up. Every lesson builds on top of each other until you reach your desired goal. We are constantly learning to bring you the best of the best.


Throughout our travels we have learned different styles and how to utilize them within Country Swing. Our knowledge makes our style unique within the world of Country Swing. We hope that as a company we can continue to travel and bring everyone the happiness that Country Swing brings us. 

Zouk | West Coast Swing

Paula Cavalcanti

Pro Choreographer, Coach, Instructor, Dancer & Performer, originally from Londrina, Brazil Paula Cavalcanti is living in San Diego since 2014!


Paula offer group classes, private lessons, and workshops. She also teach at events, choreograph routines as well as wedding dances.


Her specialty is in choreographies, dance classes for women empowerment and partner dance connection. She also focus on expansion, consciousness, and awareness of body movements.


Her goal is to heal the body and soul through the motion of dance! With more than 20 years of dance experience, she brings her knowledge and training from Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Brazilian Latin Dances, Brazilian Zouk, and West Coast Swing to her choreographies, workshops, group classes and individual lessons. Her passion is to lead, direct, and guide students to develop a deep connection with their bodies, emotions and feelings in order to express and create through movement and dance individually and with a partner.

Instructor | Cowboy Country & Gaslamp, CA

Cindi Massengale

Cindi is a fun, out-going instructor, with a playful attitude and a “Fake It ‘til You Make It” motto! “It’s all about having fun, enjoying time with friends or family, listening and dancing to great music, and learning to dance at your own pace!”


As a country music enthusiast, you can find Cindi every Friday night teaching line dance at Cowboy Country & Thursday nights at The Gaslamp in Long Beach, Monday & Wenesday night Community Center classes, as well as at many special events and private parties throughout Southern California. Her past major events include The Shipkicker Country Music Festival at the Queen Mary, the 4th of July Extravaganza on The Queen Mary, Coastal Country Jam in Huntington Beach and San Diego, Boots In the Park in San Bernardino, and Round Up at LA Live


Cindi ’s love for music and dancing has transitioned into a fulfilling career, starting with Drill Team & Cheerleading in school. She began teaching Aerobics & line dancing in the early ‘90’s.

Line Dance | Country  Swing | Two Step

Adia Nuno, CA

Adia specializes in teaching many different line dance genres as well as country swing and two step. Her 10+ years of coaching/teaching cheerleading and Zumba serve as a foundation to her line dance instruction.  She has danced on the stagecoach Honky Tonk Dance team for 2 years.


Adia began creating line dance music videos as a fun way of honoring and celebrating artists and choreographers that continue to create beautiful songs and routines, as well as to highlight the love of dance that binds us all together.

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Instructor | Private Lessons & Workshops CA

Russ Bradchulis

Russ has competed in numerous two step, country, swing, and ballroom competitions across the country, earning World Championship titles in the United Country Western Dance Council’s Line and ProAm divisions, as well as winning finals in West Coast Swing and Country Two Step Tour competitions. Recently, Russ was honored to win the United States Line Dance Choreography Competition’s Phrased and Newcomer / Novice divisions at the Vegas Dance Explosion.

What He Teaches: Line Dance, Two Step.

Favorite places to dance: All over SoCal!

Country Swing | Styling

Sarah Stokes, CA

As a dance instructor for almost 20 years, Sarah is passionate about helping people find their join in social dancing. She believes that having a fun, educational, & encouraging dancing experience should be accessible to everyone & not just top dancers. Sarah teaches a variety of different Styles of dance: Country (country swing, two step, line dance) and has a background in ballroom dancing from her time previously spent as an instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studios. She currently teaches out of her private studio located in Northern California. 

Line Dance

Philip Victor Ongert, CA

Philip Victor is the calves behind the BootScootin' movement.  This long-time emcee & performer from FL stumbled upon line dancing a few years back in SD, at a time when he didn't really care for country music and as it turns out, was pretty bad at figuring out line dancing (his words). But those humble beginnings didn't stop him from pursuing what is now one of his greatest joys (...the others being improv comedy & working with kids), and as it turns out: enjoying country music.  


Philip is truly grateful for the many opportunities he has had across the US & Canada to teach tens of thousands of people how to line dance, incl many festivals, bars, workshops, corporate events, & Boardwalk dance sessions.  His advice to beginners: "stick with it, don't be too hard on yourself, sing along while you dance, & don't forget some upper body choreo."    He sends love out to his SD Dance Family, his good buddy, Keahi, all of the enthusiastic followers of the BootScootin channel, & every person who he has ordered/persuaded/dragged out onto the dance floor to try a dance.  Yip Yip YEEHAW!!!   #DanceIsLife 

@_bootscootin *

Line Dance | DJ

Rick Dominquez, CA

Rick Dominguez has been a Country Western DJ and a line dance instructor and choreographer for 25 years! Known for dances like Call Me Señorita, Do Si Do, Bambalam, Loosen Up My Buttons, Blue Jeans On, You Look Good,  Everybody Have A Good Time and Ex’s & Oh’s” as well as many other local favorites.


Rick teaches line dances throughout the country with various clubs and organizations and has been the resident DJ at Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City for 26 years and counting.

Rick is the creator of WWLA (Wrangler Weekend Los Angeles) a local country western dance convention now in it’s 8th year!

Line Dance | Waterwheel Saloon, CA

Annemarie Dunn

Annemarie Dunn has 30+ yrs professional experience as a studio owner, Director of Arts performances & programs, instructor, choreographer, & performer in multiple dance styles for all ages including the

development & integration of adaptive/therapy programs for special needs. 


Annemarie founded & owns

the Word In Motion Entertainment & Dance Company in Rancho Cucamonga CA servicing Community

Programs, Festivals, Corporate & Private Events locally, Nationally, Internationally for 25+ yrs and

previously managed a “family friendly” entertainment & dance based nightclub AP2G “A Place To Go” for

15 years. 


Annemarie is passionate about mentoring, partnering & program development to build new

foundations & create new opportunities.  Annemarie founded the Stagecoach Honky Tonk Dance Team and currently has served 7 yrs as the Stagecoach Honky Tonk Productions Program Development Director,

Dance Teams Captain & Cross-promotions lead. 


Additionally Annemarie has been a Lead Instructor for Boots on Stage & Country Booze cruises, currently the Lead Instructor & dance director for Water Wheel in Norco CA, and previous program director & lead instructor for Brandin Iron Saloon in San Bernardino CA, Toby Kieth’s Bar & grill in Rancho Cucamonga CA, and development of dance programs at multiple locations throughout Southern California. 


Annemarie is highly sought for her motivational, energetic &

personable teaching style & management experience.

Annemarie’s core motto – LIVE LOVE DANCE with Excellence, Character & Integrity

Zouk | West Coast Swing

Brunno Cezar Theororo

Brazilian, Brunno started his partner dancing journey in 2001. In 2005, he dedicated his studies in Brazilian Latin Dances including Brazilian Zouk, Forró, and Samba de Gafieira to become a professional instructor.

Brunno started his career as an instructor, choreographer, coach, and performer in partner dances in 2006.

In 2011, Brunno expanded his dance repertoire and started training West Coast Swing. In 2014, he moved from Londrina, Brazil to Southern California where he started the San Diego Brazilian Zouk dance scene and also became a part of the West Coast Swing community. He has traveled across the U.S. teaching Brazilian Zouk as well as teaching and competing in West Coast Swing.

Brunno has trained and continues to train with some of the well renowned world instructors of Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing including Kadu and Larissa, William Teixeira, Renata Peçanha, Alex de Carvalho, Jaime Arôxa, Jordan and Tatiana, Maxence Martin, Michael Kiehm and Robert Royston. Brunno is recognized for his high quality instruction, connection, and unique style. He emphasizes the importance of fundamental technique and social dance ability to create well rounded dancers. Through the Global Professional Dance Instructor Association (GPDIA), Brunno has been a Certified Instructor for West Coast Swing, by Michael Kiehm, since 2014 and a Certified Brazilian Zouk Master Instructor since 2015.

Brunno currently lives in San Diego where he is an instructor, coach, choreographer, and performer with over 13 years of experience in partner dances, specialized in Brazilian Zouk and West Coast Swing.


Ron Major

Ron Major is one of San Diego’s premiere DJ’s, Ron has been djing since the age of 16 and became a professional DJ at the age 20.  Ron has djed in clubs from Downtown San Diego to Las Vegas.  


In 2010, Ron went from EDM/HipHop DJ to Country Western Mixer where he became 1 of 3 Dj’s at Incahoots San Diego, LiveNation’s Country Party DJ and KSON’s Party Dj where he worked the Honky Lounge’s at CountryFests. 


 Ron is currently spinning music at the Renegade Country bar in Lakeside and soon at the Barn in Ramona.  Ron is known for his amazing 2 steps sets and other couple dance’s sets.  Ron enjoys working with all the line dance instructors and always looking for the next big line dance to make you dance. 

“When Ron Major is in the mix, you know you’re going to get your dance fix.”

Event Staff


Event Coordinator

Jessica Cortez

Jessica is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who fell in love with line dancing and dances regularly at the Ranch in Anaheim, CA. She was also a member of the Stagecoach dance team in 2019.


Jessica Cortez


Project Manager | Event Coordinator

Leslie Perez

My love for line dancing and the country community grows more and more with every 8 count! How it all began…..following Country Sole on facebook and youtube! You can see his passion for dancing in all his videos and it looked like soooo much fun and I definitely wanted to learn. I reached out to my now dear amazing super talented friend Bj (country Sole) and asked if he knew of any line dance lessons closer to home since his lessons where a short drive (San Diego).

 I was opened with open arms by everyone, the “regulars” there are my now amazing friends that I not only dance with but I’ve made endless memories that I will cherish forever. I went from being intimidated to try something new that made me feel like I had to left feet, to having a sense of belonging and smiling all through the dance floor and having a right and left foot.

 Line dancing not only keeps my girls and I active but it lets us be ourselves some place where we will never be judged, where we will be encouraged to follow our dreams and always be welcomed with open arms. 

leslie head shot.jpg

Leslie Perez

Caitlin's Bio Photo.jpg

Event Coordinator

Caitlin Rogers

Caitlin is a 5th-grade teacher who fell in love with dancing at any early age through hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical. After high school, she was introduced to the line dancing scene at the bars and fell in love. Years later, she found the circuit scene and was blown away! She's a regular at Stampede in Temecula, CA, and travels around San Diego County to dance up a storm.

Caitlin's Bio Photo.jpg

Caitlin Rogers


Event Coordinator

Souraya Lorenz

Souraya got started doing cheer and dance as a kid. In college she was introduced to the country swing style at a local country bar in Tucson,AZ and fell in love! More recently she has started competing in line dance and other country ballroom styles (two step, west coast, waltz, etc.) through the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) circuit. 


Souraya Lorenz


Event Coordinator 

Heather Loghry

 Heather is a veteran, wife, and full-time mom who was missing something... Following a girls night out invitation, she fell into a local line dance lesson at Stampede Temecula and found not only a new hobby, new community of friends, and new passion... but also found a piece of herself again. She immediately fell in love with not only the dancing but the community itself.  Formerly trained in classical ballet, Heather’s love for dancing was now reborn in a surprising new way. She continues to dive into all areas of country dancing and now strives to bring others into it as well.


Heather Loghry

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