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Workshop Schedule 

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See below for workshop schedule and class descriptions (hover above class for details)


Pick up the foundations of Two Step and a few basic moves to get dancing right away. Good for people with some partner dance experience.

This class is all about the basics and learning the technique to get you dancing Country Swing with anyone, any time, anywhere. Good for dancers of ANY skill level!

Learn how to do some eye-catching dips and cool tricks you see at the bars…. 
And do it safely too. Good for people with some partner dance experience.

You will learn the fundamentals including basic step and introductory level patterns (Lateral, Simple Turn, and Transitions) to apply in social dancing. Good for dancers of ANY skill level!

Take your basics to the next level and get into some stylish and smooth Country Swing moves. Good for people who attended the Pt1 class OR have a handle on Country Swing basics.

Go beyond the basics and add some cool patterns you can show off tonight! Good for people with a strong two step basic foundation.

Explore the magic, the power, the fun through connection! Develop a deeper understanding of connection with your dance partner, improve sensibility to lead or follow, discover different possibilities for creative movement and better flow on the dance floor! Good for leads and follows of ALL SKILL LEVELS!

Expand your dance repertoire by learning to blend the smooth, sensual, and expressive style of Zouk into your fun Country Swing moves. Good for people with a basic foundation in Country Swing.

Learn how to recover from the occasional OOPS on the dance floor like a pro and improve your communication with your partner in the middle of your dance. Good for dancers of ALL SKILL LEVELS!

New to partner dancing? Come learn the simple basics you need to know for dancing with a partner. Good for absolute beginners!

The Beginner class will focus on basic patterns (sugar push, left side pass, under arm pass), with an emphasis on the extension and compression techniques necessary for students to progress to higher levels. Good for people who have never danced West Coast Swing before or those who want to focus on their technique.

Empower yourself, become more confident with your body movements and become more creative on the dance floor by developing and improving your individual Technique and Styling! Good for ladies of ALL SKILL LEVELS!

For the skilled Country Swing dancer, this class will teach you more advanced moves and how to do them safely so you can dazzle those who watch you on the dance floor. Good for those with extensive Country Swing or West Coast Swing experience.

MORE happening after 5:00! See below for social dancing, competition schedule and more.

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Schedules by Stage

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General Schedule

MAY 1st

California Ranch Company

10:00am-5:00pm: Workshops

5:00-10:00pm: Live Music with social dancing and competitions

10:00pm-12:00am: After party at Bucked Up Saloon

MAY 2nd

Bucked Up Saloon

2:00pm-5:00pm: Line Dance Recaps and Country Partner Coaching

7:00pm-12:00am: Social Dancing


Over 25 workshops to choose from

There's something for everyone! Levels ranging from beginner to advanced

Learn a variety of styles including

Line dance

Two Step

Country Swing

West Coast Swing


Styling and technique

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